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"God don't Make Bodies Unclean"

It's probably a Black Lightning type shit. Something to contain in one regular human body, so we've been given the task to bare all this electricity. Long ago, bodies like these were taught to be demon filled, in fact in ancient Mesopotamia, these bodies were attributed to the hand of sin. They could not marry, could not testify in court, became void as a slave if found out to be epileptic. Back then and to some extent now, religious folks swore by their beliefs that God makes nothing unclean, and seizing bodies were everything that God hated.

Photo by David Moum, Unsplash

Up until the 1970s, it was legal in the United States of America to deny persons with seizures entry to theatres, restaurants, recreational centres and public places all together. But the truth is, stigmas against persons living with epilepsy did not end in the 1970s, it is still alive today. Unemployment and underemployment exists amongst persons with epilepsy because some companies see it as a liability.

Living with epilepsy is an extreme sport, I've written and shared many times that it is a weight/confession/death sentence carried on my tongue to tell potential partners/employers/friends/anyone. Some days are harder than some, because this condition isn't clear cut. We don't look ill. Even when we are not seizing, there are the headaches, the depression, the fatigue, the irritability, the inability to stay focused. But still, we show up.

Recently in Trinidad, a video circulated of a woman allegedly experiencing a seizure being ran over by a car. The perpetrator expressed that the woman should have had someone with her at all times because she is epileptic. Lets get down to this, Being epileptic isn't a limitation. There are thousands of people who live with the condition and lead perfectly normal lives.

What makes epilepsy different from most common conditions is awareness. Someone living with epilepsy does not have to be accompanied 24/7. Yes, operating alone in places can become a risk because at any given time one can experience a seizure but the need for a greater awareness can turn this risk into something that won't result in extreme consequences if one seizes while out alone. Here's a thing most people ignore, seizures are extremely common.

Anyone with a brain can seize because of the nature of brains. Extreme heat, low blood sugar, extreme stress, too much alcohol, too much caffeine, certain recreational drugs, menstruation, lack of sleep, trauma to the head and more can cause seizures. You can experience a seizure and not be epileptic.

Given that, absolutely anyone, at anytime can experience a seizure, so shouldn't we be more seizure smart? Create a larger awareness to help each other out because the truth is, we are all ticking time bombs.

Being from the tropics, means heat, a lot of it... too much heat leads too...? You see where I am going. Breaking the stigma against persons with epilepsy or seizure disorders isn't going to happen overnight, but it will happen over time.

A take away for me and something I have learnt over time is this: Stigmas exist but the only way it can be effective and affect my progress and existence is if I too believe that myth and choose to do nothing.

The job is for everyone to dispel a myth, share this post with a friend and tell them to share it to a friend.

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